Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Dragon Parade in Krakow

Below is a selection of photographs from Dragon's Parade in Krakow. These photos are from the fourth parade in 2004, which was devoted to the European Union - read the selection of articles about European Union.

The parade is a new tradition, but it has already become popular with locals and tourists.

Each parade has had some lead motif. All photos above were taken on 29 May 2004 during the Dragons` Parade in Cracow devoted to joining European Union.

The fifth parade which took place in May 2005 was devoted to 750th anniversary of city of Krakow.

The dragons were made mostly by primary and secondary school students from different schools and organizations. The parade was connected with the dragon "beauty" contest. The dragons walked on the stage in the Market Square and the jury voted which dragon is the best - then the awarded dragons got the prizes.


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