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Southern Poland

Ojcow National Park with Limestone Castles

Ojcow National Park  is one of the most interesting national parks in Poland near Krakow, created in 1956. In spite of the fact that it is the smallest national park, it is very interesting. The main attraction is its limestone karst forms - rocks and caves created naturally through the activity of water in carbonate and limestone rocks (see a famous Hercules cudgel below) . The presence of the limestone rock in this region who was strategically very important for Poles allowed building beautiful castles and fortecess. Some of them are still in good shape (see Pieskowa Skala), some are in ruins.

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Dragon Parade in Krakow

Below is a selection of photographs from Dragon's Parade in Krakow. These photos are from the fourth parade in 2004, which was devoted to the European Union - read the selection of articles about European Union.

The parade is a new tradition, but it has already become popular with locals and tourists.

Each parade has had some lead motif. All photos above were taken on 29 May 2004 during the Dragons` Parade in Cracow devoted to joining European Union.

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Krakow's Main Market Square Musicians

The Market Square and the Old Town in Krakow attract artists of all sorts. The most visible and especially the best heard are the musicians. The amateur and professional musicians play either as single or in the bands. Their instruments range from a simple recorder to a giant cello. Most of them hope to attract crowds and earn some money - the box which holds an instrument is usually led on the street with a clear intention to collect coins, sometimes "bigger" money - banknotes. I think money is important for them but there is still something more than just the money - namely, the audience. It is a sort of a challenge and a test for the artist attract successfully the attention of hundreds of people strolling in the Old Town by playing the music. The police and municipal guards do not intervene, everybody can try to play, provided they do not use electric sound system.

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Polish Part of Tatra & Pieniny Mountains

The beauty I was exposed to in my week along the Polish border June 17 - 23 is shown in a few of the photos looking from Slovakia to the Polish side of the Dunajec and Poprad rivers. The pictures from this walk are the Dunajec River (showed to the right) with the famous cliffs at the base of the Trzy Korony (Three Crowns)- showed to the left.

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High Tatra, Dunajec, Poprad, Red Monastery

For the history of the Dunajec and Cerveny Klastor I will refer you to various history books covering the Order of the Carthusians and the Red Monastery as well as the especially mild climate this river gorge area enjoys. Further downstream along the Dunajec history tells stories of WW I battles along the Dunajec and in nearby regions of the Carpathians, stories of loyal troops who froze to death en masse rather than leave their posts for warmth. While you are at it, you might investigate the Inca connection with Krakow and the Niedzica castle.

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