Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Travel to Poland: Advice for tourists (Part III)

I hope you think about packing your suitcases after the first and the second article, but before you go please still read these final remarks.

The valuable advises below were given by Robert, with his permission. Robert also participated of our discussion in the Polish Forum and visited also recently Poland. These remarks are very interesting since Robert grew up outside Poland so his point of view is just like a traveler who sees Poland the first time.

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Travel to Poland : Tips (part II)

Let us continue with guidelines for our readers who are going to see Poland. I hope that the first article about this subject did not scare any tourists from visiting Poland. In writing the article (especially this second part and the final third part) I used the help of the members of our forum. These are advises for these who want to go away from standard tourist routes.

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Travel to Poland: Tips (part I)

I hope that this article will help you during your stay in Poland!

In the past all foreign tourists were forced to exchange certain amount of money every time they were crossing the boarder according to the official (poor) course, not anymore! People from Western Europe and the USA were also forced to pay higher rates in the hotels than people from Eastern Europe - not anymore either. In spite of the fact that Polish "zloty" (Polish currency) is interchangeable into dollars (there is not anymore "official" and "inofficial" exchange course) Poland is still a relatively cheap country for the foreigner from the Western Europe and the USA.


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General Information about Poland - Truth and Stereotypes

What is about Poland that people do not know? Poland is one of the bigger countries in Central Europe. But not too much is known about Poland and there are many misconceptions especially in the USA... Probably partly due to the fact that we were so long behind Iron Curtain.

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Warsaw and Krakow

Even a person who does not know too much about geography should hear at least about two Polish cities, Polish capital Warsaw and Kraków, a city with many historical objects and the previous residence of cardinal Wojtyla (now pope John Paul II). What is about these cities which makes them so different?

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