Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Facts and Trivia

The Mighty Aurochs

Almost 400 years ago in the forests of central Poland an ancient creature disappeared forever from the face of the earth. The aurochs (Polish: tur) was the ancestor of all modern European cattle breeds-Jersey, Guernsey, Hereford, Angus. This was the legendary bull painted by the Neanderthals on their cave walls. At one time the aurochs lived in most of Europe and Central Asia and in parts of India and North Africa.

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Poland's Horses

Horses have for centuries held a special place in Polish culture. Here is a tale of three horse breeds with connections to Poland.

Expanding eastward into what is now western Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, it was extremely important for the Kingdom of Poland to acquire and breed top quality horses. The vast expanses of the country and the need to defend it called for the best horses: swift and strong with plenty of stamina.

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Polish Farm Animals

Many animal breeds are commonly known by place names and Poland is no exception. Among the better-known animals with Polish place names are chickens, hogs, rabbits and horses.

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Encounter with Wolves in Polish Forest

Howling with the Wolves

Night is falling on the trail. It's dim and moonless. The contours of nearby rocks, trees and shrubs, can be slightly seen on the background blue of a dusky sky. The trail is still noticeable due to the presence of light-colored rocks. The entire part of the trail leading through the forest is not very long - it takes only an hour to reach a larger clearing. Approaching it, I notice some lighter spots in the black canopy of the trees. It seems, the far-distant sky is peeking through these woods. With such signs, I know that the glade is near....

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Reflections from a visit to Poland

I just came back from a two-week trip to Poland with my 6-years old daughter Ela (Elizabeth).

Visiting Poland after some time (I usually go there every two years) is always a bit of the shock. Here in Idaho we are used to a lot of room and a vastness of the surroundings. No wonder, Idaho is as big as 2/3 of the Poland, only 1.4 mln people live here compared to 38 mln that live in Poland. Poles, like many other Europeans have to get used to live in crowded conditions compared to Americans. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Americans grow so big, at least "horizontally".

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This is Brande from Uganda with a photo of Ela, my daughter.

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