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Eastern Poland

Zamosc: the Pearl of Renaissance

Zamosc is an amazing town. It has several characteristics which make it really unique not only in Poland but even in the world. Zamosc is one of the most outstanding examples of Renaissance architecture in Europe. It was founded in 1580 by Jan Zamoyski (Zamojski), a powerful magnate, the great crown chancellor and hetman. Zamoyski chose a site for the town and also designed it. Zamosc was built since scratch as a fortress town in less than twenty years! Zamosc is also called "Padua of the East".

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Zamosc: Its Market Square, Town Hall Tower, Arcades and Armenian Tenant Houses

Zamosc's town square is beautiful, it was designed according to Italian patterns. It was built as an ideal square 100*100 m and it is surrounded by the arcades, therefore Zamosc is also called "The Town of Arcades". Arcades was an important feature of every Italian "piazza" (market square), the give a shade against a hot sun or a rain. They also lead to the shady interiors, beer-gardens, stores or wine-shops in the cellars.

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Zamosc during the World War II

People of Zamosc and Zamosc region, independing on their ethnic identity were persecuted during the World War II to more extend than in the other parts of Poland. Zamosc became not only the place of executions (mainly in its Rotunda), and a transit point for Jewish people sent to the death camp Belzec, as well as the transit point for Poles expelled from Wielkopolska (Great Poland, Poznan region).

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Roztocze National Park

Roztocze National Park (Roztoczanski Park Narodowy) was created in 1974 on the area of 48 square kilometers, in the upper Wieprz river valley. Now it covers area which is almost twice as big. The big majority of the park is covered by the forest. Some of the tree formations are unique. It contains more than 400 so-called "nature monument trees", some of them are presented on the photographs below.

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Bialowieza Forest: Polish Bison, Bison Grass, and Vodka

On both of our trips to Poland, we spent some time in the beautiful primeval forest of Bialowieza in Eastern Poland. The area is only an hour or so from our relatives, so we opted to stay at the forest and took a tour in a horse-drawn wagon as well as wonderful walks on our own. One afternoon we rented bikes and rode through the little town of mostly wooden homes. Every home had a garden in place of the customary lawn. The flowers were beautiful and it was hard to decide what to photograph. We rode up and down the winding roads, stopping often to admire the gardens and wondering what causes such a beautiful tradition to develope. We ended up at a small cafe where we drank sodas at a quaint table right under the warm afternoon sun. We could cot imagine returning to Poland without another visit to this wonderful spot.

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