Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Central and Western Poland

Wilanów: A Royal Residence in Warsaw

Although it was a Royal residence, Wilanów was actually designed as a private retreat for King Jan III Sobieski, who valued family life above material splendor. The original property, known as Villa Nova, was purchased in 1677 and within two years had been rebuilt into a mansion, designed by royal architect Augustyn Locci. Subsequently, two wings, towers, and a first-floor banqueting hall were added, with the interiors decorated by some of Europe's finest craftsmen.

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Jurassic Park in Baltow

There are many texts written about how the park was invented but it is good to mention that the village of Baltow, located 123 miles south-east of Warsaw, was chosen for the dinosaurs' home not simply by chance. Just on this territory's surroundings of Swietokrzyskie Mountains there exist many dinosaur traces that have been discovered. Mrs. Halina Kisiel, vice-president of Delta Association, which built and still operate the park, said that everything began from the Devil's Foot, a rocky hill nearby, where Dr. Gerard Gierliski from the State Institute of Geology discovered a beast of Allosaurs traces, imprinted in the Jura era.

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Warsaw: Where, How, When, What

What to do in Warsaw? What to visit during the one day trip? Where to stay, where and what to eat and drink? These and much more questions are answered in a beautifully illustrated guide of Warsaw from the series: Warsaw - Eyewitness Travel Guides.

It is hard to imagine how the publishers could store so much information, beautiful photographs and maps in this relatively small and practical book size: Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 8.73 x 5.15

The book not only have more than 800 full-color photographs and maps, but it is very easy to use with sections highlighted by different colors.

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