Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Malbork Teutonic Castle and Marienburg

Marlbork is an impressive structure built by the Teutonic Knights. The walls are very thick. I'm not sure but it seem they are about 4-5 feet thick. The Teutonic Knights were defeated at Tannenberg in 1410 which led to the advancement of the Crusaders.

The castle is huge, one must remember that it was rebuilt after WWII, and covers much ground. There exist yet some walls from the first building of the structure. Take a tour guide with you and he will show you which walls. One of my pictures with a stained glass window is near the original wall to the right of the window. In fact to go to the tower of the castle you must have the guide with you. Then as you can see from some of the pictures that we are at the top of the tower.

There are many things to see in the castle from the old armour worn by the winged hussars to the spears and swords they used in those times. Also many cannons and the balls are throughout the structure (see the photographs of cannons in the article Teutonic Knights History).

There are statues that represent the knights of the time in the courtyard. In my earlier visits to the castle you could still see holes in the walls from WWII. I don't remember seeing them in 2004. I will have to check the walls the next time I am there. St. Anns chapel is available for view as well (see the photographs of St. Ann chapel in the next article). Each time I have gone to the castle different parts of it are open to the public and different parts are closed. So each visit is unique. In fact in 2004 was the first time I saw the large wooden toilet. I am sitting in it in one picture. the paintings on the walls and ceiling are very unique and beautiful. The narrow passageways tells me there were not too many overweight knights.

One thing that always sticks in my mind is the enormity of the castle. The stones and timber used to construct it are just huge and I am sure were a great feat in the original building of the structure. On all my trips to Poland I stop there to see what is new for viewing. It is always moving to walk were knights have walked and to see how they lived. The large cooking area is enormous. In my mind it is truly one of the great castles of Europe/Poland. I will continue to visit it as I make my trips to Poland. In fact it is on the way to Elblag where my relatives live so I always stop there. I still have not visited a part of the original structure that stands near the large building. It can be seen from the tower in my pictures. It is just walls but it is quite old.

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