Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Polish Part of Tatra & Pieniny Mountains

The beauty I was exposed to in my week along the Polish border June 17 - 23 is shown in a few of the photos looking from Slovakia to the Polish side of the Dunajec and Poprad rivers. The pictures from this walk are the Dunajec River (showed to the right) with the famous cliffs at the base of the Trzy Korony (Three Crowns)- showed to the left.

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High Tatra, Dunajec, Poprad, Red Monastery

For the history of the Dunajec and Cerveny Klastor I will refer you to various history books covering the Order of the Carthusians and the Red Monastery as well as the especially mild climate this river gorge area enjoys. Further downstream along the Dunajec history tells stories of WW I battles along the Dunajec and in nearby regions of the Carpathians, stories of loyal troops who froze to death en masse rather than leave their posts for warmth. While you are at it, you might investigate the Inca connection with Krakow and the Niedzica castle.

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Months in Polish Calendar: Origins and Meaning

The names of Polish months are unique in the way that Poland did not adopt Roman names - like many other countries in Europe (France, Germany, Russia). Original, non-Latin names for the months of the year also exist in some other languages - like Czech (but not Slovak), Croatian, Lithuanian or Basque. But this is rather an exception than the rule.

Check the website with the names for the months of the year in several languages. Check also another article devoted to the origin of the days of the week in Poland.

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Love and Lore of the Linden

July is a month of blooming linden, not only in Poland bit all through Central and Eastern Europe. The most beautiful walking avenue (promenade) in Berlin is called Unter (under) Den Linden.

Linden treeSeveral Polish poets, among them the prominent Polish poet of Renaissance Jan Kochanowski wrote the poem devoted to Linden: dear visitor -please sit under my linden tree and relax.... Linden had also special meaning in Polish pre-christian pagan traditions. Gods were living there. Later the pagan tradition was converted into the Christian tradition where linden were especially blessed. Some villages and towns in Poland carry lipa in their name, there is a village called "Swieta Lipka" (Holy Linden).
On the negative side - the wood of Linden was considered of mediocre quality, therefore a term lipny in Polish language means something of low quality.

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Jurassic Park in Baltow

There are many texts written about how the park was invented but it is good to mention that the village of Baltow, located 123 miles south-east of Warsaw, was chosen for the dinosaurs' home not simply by chance. Just on this territory's surroundings of Swietokrzyskie Mountains there exist many dinosaur traces that have been discovered. Mrs. Halina Kisiel, vice-president of Delta Association, which built and still operate the park, said that everything began from the Devil's Foot, a rocky hill nearby, where Dr. Gerard Gierliski from the State Institute of Geology discovered a beast of Allosaurs traces, imprinted in the Jura era.

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