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Socio-Economic Issues

Unemployment among Young People in Poland

One third of all unemployed are less than 30 years old. Many employers are looking for people who have some experience but young people lack any work experience. The results of the research done during the last decade showed that the graduates of Polish high schools and universities are prepared well in theory but not in the practice. They are missing practical skills.

Young people have a hard time to find a job also a result of the demographic high. There were many kids born in the beginning of the 80-es, (their parents are a result of the after-war high birthrate of fifties). Now this generation is graduating from the high schools, technical schools and the universities and they have a hard time to find a job.

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Unemployment among Women: the Price of Motherhood

Women have much more difficult time to find a job than men do. Their chances decrease with age. Young and attractive women with high qualifications and fluency in foreign languages and experience have much better time to find a job also that the women above forty.

Recently almost half of the population of women could not find a job. Since salaries in Poland are lower than in Western Europe countries and in the USA - both parents need to work in order to secure the decent standard of life of the family. So the unemployment of women affects to the high degree the wellbeing of the families, not even mentioning single parenting which almost always lead to the low standard of life for children.

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The Wooden Puppet Program from Polish Charities

There are at least 330 thousand children in different parts of Poland that desperately need nutrition support, but the child nutrition program is carried out only in several places in Poland. Information based on application forms sent to us by school principals, helps us decide which schools qualify for help.(…)

The Polish Humanitarian Organization (Polska Akcja Humanitarna) began the child nutrition program in 1996 in regions where state collective farms were located during the communism period. As a result of Poland’s economic changes in the last fifteen years collective farms were shut down, leaving many families unprepared to deal with the new socioeconomic situation. The Polish countryside has had the most difficulty in adjusting to the changes. Farms in these regions are very small and very underdeveloped, the farming culture is low and there is a huge unemployment rate (in some areas peaking at 90%).

The Wooden Puppet Program (Pajacyk) - click the belly of this unhappy puppet to help donating a lunch for a Polish child. After clicking a belly you would see the names of the sponsors, each sponsor donates 1.5 cents per each click. Only one click per day from the same computer will be counted. You may set up this website as your "home".


Unemployment in Poland: Historically

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems in Polish social and economical life in a present time.

Changing of a political system did not improve this situation. It rather made it worse like it happens usually during a transition period. The unemployment during the last ten years oscillates around 18% in Poland. It is much higher than the average unemployment in Europe (10%).

Poland is in a turning point. This week referendum, 7-8 June 2003, would decide whether Poland would join European Union or not. Please read about benefits and shortcomings of joining European Union and also about Polish-American relations in previous articles. Whatever the outcome will be, would definitively affect the structure and level of Polish unemployment. We hope, that whatever decision Poles would choose, it would rather help to overcome economical problems, also unemployment.

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Marek Kotanski: Drug Addiction and other Social Problems in Poland

Marek Kotanski was one of these few people who made a real change in lives of many. His death in the car accident in August 19, 2002 brought a pain not only to his family but to all these people who found a better life because of him. He was 60.

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