Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Polish Elections

Polish Politics: History of Presidency in Poland

Institution of presidency in Poland was created after the WW I. Unfortunately the first Polish president was shot a week after being elected...

Presidency institution in Poland was functioning in years: 1922-39, 1947-52 and since 1989.

Institution of presidency was created in Polish legislation when Poland regained independence after WW I. Famous Marshal Józef Piłsudski was never formally a president although he was a head of a state (1919-1922) with rights equivalent to a president. The first Polish president was Gabriel Narutowicz. He was chosen by votes of Polish left wing and minorities. Unfortunately he was also the first and only president shot dead on 16 December 1922 by a right wing artist painter E. Niewiadomski. It was only a week after being elected.

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Presidential Elections in Poland are coming soon

Update: Please read about the important referendum on joining European Union & Polish-American relations .

Polish presidential elections will take place in the beginning of October and Aleksander Kwasniewski, an incumbent president and ex-communist is leading with a large margin according to polls.

If Polish presidential elections would take place today, the winner will be obvious. Aleksander Kwasniewski, the present Polish President (since 1995) will receive according to all polls over 60% votes that means that he would easy have an easy win in the first round. Elections will take place soon, October 8, 2000 and nothing indicates any drastic changes.

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