Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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EU and Poland: Risk of Dividing Europe

We started a list of problems which may be caused by joining EU in the article: EU Disadvantages: Polish Agriculture (Farming) . For a counterbalance please, read also an article about Potential Benefits of joining EU. I have to stress that the views presented here do not necessary represent my own personal views. The opinions are taken from several Polish anti-EU sources, mainly newspapers and internet.

Lets continue a list of dangers caused by joining European Union according to Polish Euro-skeptics:

The accession of ten countries from Eastern Europe will divide Europe into the first and second category

The Euro-sceptics argue that Polish market will be over-flooded by cheap food and other products from Western Europe that will be imported without any boarder tariffs. Since the Polish farmers receive much less subsidies, especially during the transition period, they would be in more disadvantaged position to compete with fully subsidized products from Western Europe.

This will weaken Polish farmers even more. Poland will become just a cheap outlet for second quality products from Western Europe. It could also deepen our unemployment that oscillates right now about 18-20%. Poland's own industry and agriculture will slowly become bankrupted. Poles will become just a cheap labor abroad. It could destroy Polish social life and strong family bonds. It could simply destroy Polish families and Polish society.

EU will bring uniformity in law, culture, and economy

It will not have any consideration to specific, individual cultural, historical heritage of countries-members. Poland, as a new country-member did not participate in creation of these laws, so the imposed laws are based on the experience of countries from outside of our culture. Brussels, Berlin and Paris warned that the new countries will not participate in the work on important changes in the rules of functioning of EU system.

These restructuring work will take place very soon. Just in the opposite, Poland would have to adjust its law, agriculture, structure and culture to the norms that were worked out in Western Europe.

These norms might work well In Western Europe but they might be foreign for our Eastern and Central European cultures. Recently the Polish parliament (called "sejm") approved about 200 new laws in order to adopt Polish law to European norms. Of course all of these took place in a very short time without necessary analysis and considerations - just to please EU.

EU was created by rich Western countries for their own particular interests

The countries that were first EU-members created the laws to protect their own particular interests. The selfishness rules above the empathy, solidarity and fair cooperation in EU. Each country grabs as much as possible for itself and its own people. It seems that every country acts on the base of its own interests, so we should not count for any special treatment or any attempt to understand our point of view. EU is full of tensions and opposite interests. There are tensions between big and small countries, South and North, West and East.

Sell-out of Polish land to foreign interests

One of the biggest controversies and politically sensitive issue was a law that every citizen of the EU can buy land everywhere in any EU country. It is so called free movement of capital. This issue is particularly sensitive in Poland and Czech Republic - since this region is haunted by recent memories of domination by powerful neighbors, shifting borders and large-scale deportations. Millions of Germans were expelled from present territories of Poland and Czech Republic after WW II. There is a fear that these people and their families may try to buy out the land they owned before thus change the ethnic structure of the whole regions.

People are afraid that Polish land will be sold out to Germans. Because of these fears Poland was able to win a better deal than other negotiating countries. We simply won a longer transition period, restricting foreign land purchases for up to 12 years.


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