Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Poland in Europe

European Union's Copenhagen Summit

Poland had initially asked for the extra 2bn euros to be made available - arguing that without extra subsidy its farmers would face ruin inside the European single market. The Polish prime minister, Leszek Miller, flew to Copenhagen under heavy pressure from a suspicious public, especially farmers and Euro-skeptics that are accusing that Poland is being treated as a second-class member of the EU club.

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Joining European Union: A List of Benefits

Political benefits:

Participation in creating of United Europe; Polish representation in EU Institutions; Increase of the stability of democratic system and safety of the state. No boundaries among all EU countries, no passwords or visas necessary, easy travelling, possibility to move to any member country and find a job everywhere in a membership country (free transfer of persons). This would lead also to the tightening of the cultural bonds with the rest of Europe.

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European Union and Poland

The expectations from joining European Union (EU) were very high a few years ago, especially since EU was seen as an alliance of rich Western European countries. Each new country joining the EU hoped to become the equal to the richest.

Finally Poland had a chance to become a member of EU. When the negotiations were started it was clear that being a part of the big union of countries bring not only advantages but also problems and responsibilities. Especially since Europe is still in crisis marked with a low economical growth and also high unemployment in many Western Europe countries.

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Panslavism, Fear of Westernization and Vysegrad Group

The idea to build a strong relationship with other Eastern European countries is not a new one. In the past there was a concept of Panslavism. A desire to unite all the Slavic races into one confederacy. The first Panslavists were focusing on a cultural union among all Slavs. They were researching the Slav folk songs and poetry.

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Arguments pro and against Coalition with Eastern European Countries

Arguments of the supporters of the union with Eastern Europe countries:

The natural integration with Western European countries would be impossible since these countries are in different level of economical development. These rich capitalistic countries will not treat us as equal partners. Instead they will try to take advantage of us. There will be Europe "A" - consisting from the rich countries of Western and Central Europe and Europe "B" - used as the cheap outlet market by rich countries that are not interested in the real development of the Eastern European countries.

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