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EU Referendum Results for Ten Countries in 2003

Referendum took place in nine from ten countries-candidates from March until September, 2003. Everywhere majority of people supported joining European Union. Cyprus, only the Greek part, joined EU without a referendum.

In some countries, like Slovenia or Czech republic, high support for joining EU was expected. In some other countries, like Poland (read more about Polish referendum ), Slovakia, Latvia or Lithuania and Malta, the positive outcome was not that certain. In Hungary the turnover was low, less than 50% but it was still valid according to Hungarian law.

Below are all the results according to Guardian and Gallup.

The list contains a name of the country, date of the referendum, turnover, amount of votes per "Yes" and "No", the percentage of invalid votes is also listed if it was significant.

How did people in countries - candidates vote?

Malta - March 8
(91% turnout)
53.6% Yes
46.4% No

Slovenia - March 23
(60.29% turnout)
89.61% Yes
10.39% No

Hungary - April 12
(45.62 % turnout)
83.76 % Yes
16.24 % No

Lithuania - May 10/11
(63.37% turnout)
89.92% Yes
8.85% No
1.23% spoiled ballots)

Slovakia - May 16/17
(52.15% turnout)
92.46% Yes
6.20% No
(1.34% spoiled ballots)

Poland - June 7-8
(58,85 % turnout)
77,45% Yes
22.55% No

Czech Republic - June 13-14
(55.2% turnout)
77.3 % Yes
22.7% No

Estonia - September 14
(64.02% turnout)
92.46% Yes
33.16% No

Latvia - September 20
(72.5 % turnout)
67 % Yes
32.3% No

joining without referendum

What is next?

Romania and Bulgaria hope to join by 2007. Turkey is also on the list to join but is not currently negotiating with the EU to do so.

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