Friday, April 28, 2017
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Environmental Pollution in Poland

sudetyIn previous Baba Jaga's contribution: Save our Planet, I talked about a need to reduce the consumption of goods. I gave a positive example of Poland since we did not consume that much as people in US do. To counterbalance this positive image of Poland and Eastern Europe lets talk about environmental pollution in the article below.

How many of you know that the worst polluted part of Europe is so called black triangle between Southwestern Poland, Eastern Germany (Eastern Saxony) and Czech Republic (Northern Bohemia)? This area is shaped by the range of mountains, among them so called Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) of Sudeten chain. The mountains form a wind barrier which creates unfavorable conditions for the dispersion of pollution from three industrial centers, mainly brown coal mining. The mountains in the center of the triangle were affected by the acid rain from these industrial centers. It is estimated that 50% of the coniferous forest there disappeared between 1972 and 1989. Since 1991 all three countries of this region try to work together to alleviate this environmental disaster. The photo on the right shows a part of Sudeten forest which is distressed by pollution.

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Save our Planet - How we used less and saved more in Poland

It might be a right time to compare the way how people live in Poland (simplicity) and in the US (overconsumption). The US is the biggest consumer of goods in the world. People use here more energy than anywhere else in the world. Now, when the gas prices in the US reached the level over 4 dollars per gallon - it is a time to modify our habits.

I was born in Poland sixteen years after the end of World War II which completely devastated Poland economically. Poland, "thanks" to Soviet occupation did not accept Marshall Plan which helped rebuilt Western European economy. Poles lived under the umbrella of Soviet-type socialistic economy. The development of Eastern European countries was slower than the countries of Western Europe, even if before the war they were better off since we denied any help from the US and since we embraced communistic economy.

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Changing Times in Poland and in the World

My 7-year old daughter knows what a CD, VCR or DVD is. She knows how to play computer games, since she was four years old. However, she was very surprised when I told her that I did not have any of these when I was her age in Poland. Even her dad who was growing up in the US did not have access to such items since they were not there, yet!

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Interview with Marianna Dembinska

Interview with Marianna Dembinska - the expert on Italian wine and the author of the newly published autobiographical book entitled: Good for you or the almost truthful biography of a real Polish aristocrat with an international career (Polish title: "Tobie to dobrze - czyli biografia (prawie) prawdziwa polskiej arystokratki robiacej miedzynarodowa kariere").

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How women dressed before and after WW I in Poland

The World War I brought not only disaster, death and misery. This war changed many old political systems, abolished monarchies, sped up technical progress and also changed people's attitudes towards the life and especially the role of women.

This can be seen in a change of women clothing.

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