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Relationships and Marriage

Polish Wedding Tradition: Reception and Toasts

Typical wedding in a village is much bigger than a wedding which takes place in a town. Since people in villages own usually a house - they can afford to invite much more guests than in the towns where people usually live in apartments. In towns weddings usually take place in the restaurants, clubs, party houses in the recreation centers. If you are really rich you could probably afford to be married even in one of the old Polish castles but this is only for a high class or foreigners.

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Polish Wedding Traditions: Introduction

Rapid change of a political and economical system influenced many areas of life in Poland - also the weddings. So, I am sorry if some of the aspects of life in Poland described by me here - have already changed in Polish present life and culture. I am indebted to Liliana S. for help in writing this article and also many other articles about Polish tradition. I will also try to relate some Polish tradition to the American tradition and point out possible differences.

First of all in Polish vocabulary there are two separate words for a wedding ceremony and wedding party.

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Poles and Exotic Beauty Syndrome

Poland is today a very different country than 20-30 years ago. People travel much more and are much more aware of the differences and similarities between different nations, ethnical roups and races. I still remember my stay in Czestochova with a black girl from Great Britain in late 80-es. She wanted to see a famous shrine of Black Madonna and I was her tour guide. It was amazing but people were looking at her as like she was from a different planet! This would not happen on the market square in Krakow or in the center of Warsaw where people are used to a broad spectrum of people of different races, habits or classes. But Czestochova is a uniquely Polish place, with crowds of people walking in pilgrimages from everywhere in Poland, also from some isolated rural areas, where tourists are seen rarely.

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Homesickness of Polish people: difficulty to form steady relationship abroad

Polish people, especially young, are very attached to their parents, family and home in Poland and feel unsecure on their own. While abroad temporarily, for instance studying, they may develop a serious and sincere relationship with somebody without realizing the future consequences. Then they are struggling whether to return back home to their family or remain in the relationship and stay away from their family. In such case, usually the family wins. They go back to Poland leaving heartbroken person abroad. If you are really in love with the Polish girl/boy you may try to learn Polish language and culture and follow your love, but your chances for the success are slight since Polish culture is not a melting pot, especially in Poland where Poles form 99% of Polish society.

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Poles in Interracial Relationships

Poland is a very homogenous country - racially and ethnically. Almost all people living in Poland are Caucasian, with hair colors from black, brown, ruddy to blondes and with the whole spectrum of shapes, sizes and characters.

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