Monday, May 22, 2017
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Relationships and Marriage

How to Impress a Polish Woman

This article should serve as a short course of savoir vivre for a man for his first date with a Polish lady. But it may be useful also to people who will be visiting their Polish friends soon or to anybody who is going to Poland. Read more about Polish habits in series of articles with advices for tourists. Check the most recent articles: Dating in PolandPoles and Exotic Beauty Syndrome and Poles in Interracial Relationships and many more in section Dating Poles.

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Push Not the River by James Conroyd Martin - Book Review

Push Not the River
James Conroyd Martin
Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press
September 2003


The Polish translation of Push Not the River, a novel based on the diary of a Polish countess who lived through the Third of May Constitution years (1790s) has been published by the largest book club in Poland, debuting there at # 5. Seventeen-year-old Anna Maria Berezowska started her diary at the age of seventeen, when both her personal life and the political situation in Poland began to unravel. Author James Conroyd Martin began work with the diary in 1976, balancing and integrating Anna's very personal odyssey with the rise and fall of the ill-fated Constitution. Critics have cited the story as having the sweep of stories like Gone with the Wind and Doctor Zhivago. "But Anna's story is true," Martin is quick to point out.

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