Monday, May 22, 2017
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Polish-English Dictionaries for Children

DictionaryI received recently three new books which teach children Polish language. I would like to share with you my experience since I am a proud mother of eight years old daughter who practically spend her whole life in the US. We live in Idaho far from any Polonia centers. My husband is an American, so I am the only person who can teach her some Polish. All books have been published by Milet Publishing. This publishing house is known for multicultural and multilingual books with interesting artistic touch. Milet is located in the UK, US and Canada.

Milet Mini Picture Dictionary: English-Polish (Board book)

 Milet Mini Picture Dictionary: English-PolishI learned about this book from readers of my website. Several people bought this book and also the larger version through my links to Amazon... although I did not have even this book in my recommended book list! I thought that there must be something about this book so I ordered it also.

I have several books to teach Polish to children. This one has better graphic than any other I ever had! It is not in the old-fashioned style like some books I bought earlier. It is great for children 3-5 since it has stiff covers. Each page has a different topic (animals, body, food) with a different background which matches all the objects which are presented in the page.

I have one advice for publishers for implementing in the next edition. I would urge them to include the vocabulary of all the words at the end of the book with a correct pronunciation of all the words in English and Polish. I can get away with it since I know Polish and English well enough. Some Polish-Americans who do not know Polish would not be able to teach their children/grandchildren the correct pronunciation of the Polish word.

Still, this is a great gift, especially for young children!

Milet Picture Dictionary: English-Polish (Hardcover)

Milet Picture Dictionary: English-PolishThis dictionary is the extension of the previous mini book but it is recommended for children over 5 years old who have already some idea about Polish language. It has a good amount of Polish-English words divided into thematic sections. The graphic is pleasing to the eye, especially for the children since they learn through pictures to understand the text!

Minutka: The Bilingual Dog (Hardcover)

Minutka: The Bilingual DogWe read it all over again and again with my daughter. Both of us enjoyed the graphics - simple and funny, and the text - sweet, funny but with a common sense. Each page contains a picture and a sentence from a life of a little dog, both in Polish and in English. It has very elegant but simple graphics and nice pictures. It will be a great gift for somebody dear to your heart, especially if this person has Polish-American or Polish-English roots.

Although this book is recommended for children 4-8, I think, everybody, children and adults may enjoy it very much.


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