Monday, May 22, 2017
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Euro-Talk Polish Language Software - Review

My daughter was barely 6 years old when she began enjoying the Polish Euro-Talk CD. She likes it since it includes variety of subjects and games. So, it is not easy to get bored with it. I find it not only a great learning experience but a true learn-through-play experience.

The software is very easy to install and to play. My daughter intuitively knew how to operate it. The microphone is recommended but not necessary - to give the option to record and hear our own voice

Euro-Talk screen shotYou can chose the theme of your interests from the main page that displays several spheres (topics) aligned around the circle (see below). Each sphere represents one topic.

Among the topics are: First words, Food, Colors, Phrases, Body, Numbers, Time, Countries.

After selecting the topic there is a display with five choices: Word practice, Speaking practice, Easy game, Hard game, Print picture dictionary.

My daughter's favorite is the easy game. Since she could read very well, she was maneuvering through the game by use of the symbols which are attributed to every topic and the topic's choice. After she chooses a topic there is a selection of different objects (related to the topic) showed as pictures or words. For instance if you choose "food" - the "objects" would be simply food products.

Two people - a young man and a young woman say loudly the names of the objects and then they repeat one specific name to chose from the variety of objects. If she choses the right one she get a point! The easy games is the most fun for my daughter. For instance in food section the easy game consist of selecting different products (and guessing properly their names) in order to fill up the kitchen shelves. But my daughter's most favorite game (body) consists of guessing of the body parts. When all correct body parts are selected, they are properly matched to the body and the terrifying Zombi is awaken.

In every point of the game she can get help, stop, withdraw, go back to the main menu or leave the game. I really recommend it as the starting point to learn Polish for children or adults!


Euro-TalkPolish Euro-Talk CD can be purchased in Amazon: Talk Now! Learn Polish - Beginning Level


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