Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Tips About How To Learn Foreign Language

I cannot teach you how to learn foreign language perfectly since I do not know English or any other language perfectly. I can teach you how to efficiently communicate and it does not cost a dime � like some of these software programs worth hundreds of dollars. I was born in Poland, my first foreign language was Russian, then English and German. Then I also learned some French and Spanish.

The easiest way to learn foreign language is to move to a foreign country when you are younger than 12-13. At this age the internal vocal organs can still adapt to the sounds of the other language. Many Hispanic people in this country are truly bilingual, operating with the same ease in English as in Spanish with no foreign accent whatsoever. They are really and truly bilingual.

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Polish-English Dictionaries for Children

DictionaryI received recently three new books which teach children Polish language. I would like to share with you my experience since I am a proud mother of eight years old daughter who practically spend her whole life in the US. We live in Idaho far from any Polonia centers. My husband is an American, so I am the only person who can teach her some Polish. All books have been published by Milet Publishing. This publishing house is known for multicultural and multilingual books with interesting artistic touch. Milet is located in the UK, US and Canada.

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Euro-Talk Polish Language Software - Review

My daughter was barely 6 years old when she began enjoying the Polish Euro-Talk CD. She likes it since it includes variety of subjects and games. So, it is not easy to get bored with it. I find it not only a great learning experience but a true learn-through-play experience.

The software is very easy to install and to play. My daughter intuitively knew how to operate it. The microphone is recommended but not necessary - to give the option to record and hear our own voice

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A Treasury of Polish Aphorisms: A Book Review

I recommend this book to people who are interested in the Polish culture, literature and also to these who want to learn Polish language in an interesting way since this book is bilingual.

It contains the selection of 207 Polish aphorisms written by the best Polish writers, poets, journalists and even some politicians in bilingual version - in Polish original and in its English translation. It also had a variety of Polish folk proverbs - some of them unique to Polish culture, the other common in many cultures but still unique in the way how Poles express their common wisdom.

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Typical School day of a Polish Child in 2006 and 30 years ago

The school year begins in Poland on September 1st. My 10 years old son is a 4th grade pupil this year. His usual day begins at around 7 am when he wakes up. Dresses up and goes downstairs to have his breakfast. Which he usually has with his two years older brother. He likes the most a plain version of corn flakes with cold milk plus bread, butter and some cured meat. His older brother likes the honey flavored corn flakes with warm milk, hates cured meat and eats bread, butter and all kinds of cheese and cheese spreads. They leave home at around 7.50 am, their two dogs accompany them to the little gate in the back of the garden. Sometimes one of the dogs jumps over the fence and accompanies the boys almost to the school-yard gate!

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