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Colicky Babies: Help with Fennel and Chamomile

Our articles at Polish Culture Website usually do not talk about babies. This time I wanted to help you to deal with your crying baby, by making you familiar with herbs which we use in my home country, Poland.

Almost all parents are worried when a baby cries. Although medically - there are not more that 20% of babies with colic - with long periods of uncontrollable cry lasting many hours a day. Every baby cries sometimes for too long making their parents frustrated and worried what is a problem. Probably you are familiar with a herb, fennel (Polish: koperek wloski). Fennel tea is a medicine which millions of Polish parents are giving to crying babies when they expect them to have problems with their digestion system or bowel movements.

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Polish Wedding: Food and Gifts

What people eat at wedding? Of course wedding cake, but in Poland wedding cake does not have the same importance as in America. A separate cake for groom and bride is uncommon. A wedding cake looks not much different as for instance a birthday cake, just bigger. But, as the picture below shows Polish wedding cake is getting bigger and prettier.

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Wedding Ceremony in Poland: Step by Step Guide

According to the old tradition a groom arrives with his parents at the house of a bride just before a wedding ceremony. In a house of a bride parents and parents in law give blessing to a young couple. Then they go all together to a magistrate (for civil marriage) or to a church (for church wedding). A young couple is driven to the church usually in a rented white car or a taxi or even in a horse carriage. Their car/carriage is adorned with white flowers and dolls.

From practical reasons the preparations for wedding start usually much earlier than just before wedding ceremony. Very often a family from far away arrive earlier, they need to be given a proper welcome, food and also a place to stay. It is not common in Poland to expect the invited guests to stay in the hotels - hotels are just too expensive for an average Pole. So, the houses or apartments of the groom and bride are full of people!

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Polish Wedding Tradition: Reception and Toasts

Typical wedding in a village is much bigger than a wedding which takes place in a town. Since people in villages own usually a house - they can afford to invite much more guests than in the towns where people usually live in apartments. In towns weddings usually take place in the restaurants, clubs, party houses in the recreation centers. If you are really rich you could probably afford to be married even in one of the old Polish castles but this is only for a high class or foreigners.

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Polish Wedding Traditions: Introduction

Rapid change of a political and economical system influenced many areas of life in Poland - also the weddings. So, I am sorry if some of the aspects of life in Poland described by me here - have already changed in Polish present life and culture. I am indebted to Liliana S. for help in writing this article and also many other articles about Polish tradition. I will also try to relate some Polish tradition to the American tradition and point out possible differences.

First of all in Polish vocabulary there are two separate words for a wedding ceremony and wedding party.

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