Monday, May 22, 2017
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Middle Ages & Renaissance

Swietoslawa: Piast Princess and Viking's Queen

There are some theories suggesting that the first Polish ruling dynasty, Piast is related to Vikings. These theories are not that strong as the hypothesis that Vikings were instrumental in creating the first Russian statehood so that the name rus is of Viking origin. In the present time, the hypothesis whether the first Piast ruler had Viking blood in his vein cannot be proved or disproved but nobody argues the fact, that the relationships between the first Piasts and Vikings were close and very friendly.

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January 1st is the Namesday of Mieszko, the Founder of the First Polish Royal Dynasty

The first day of the New Year is also an important date in Polish calendar. Not only because it is thMieszko I by Jan Matejkoe International Peace Day. Poles attribute this day to the name of Mieszko and Mieczyslaw. All men with this first name have their namesday on January 1st. The namesday of Mieczyslaw and Mieszko is on the 1st of January not by a coincidence. Mieszko was a name of the first historic ruler of Poland from Piast dynasty. Mieszko was also the first Polish prince which achieved international recognition since he unified Polish tribes against German invaders. He also adopted Christianity by marriage with Czech princess, Dobrawa.

The name Mieszko is for Poles - what Luis is for French.

Poles had two main royal dynasties - Piasts, which established the first Polish state and Jagiellons who expanded the state into Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, one of the biggest, multinational state in Europe.
The name Mieszko - was very popular among Piast princes since it was a name of the founder. See the images of Polish kings - Mieszko I, Mieszko II and Mieszko III, the Old.

Read more: January 1st is the Namesday of Mieszko, the Founder of the First Polish Royal Dynasty


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