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“The Peasant Prince” Author - Alex Storozynski - Arrives at Polish Embassy

     Washington, D.C. // The intriguing question of "So just who was Thaddeus Kosciuszko anyway?" has now been definitively answered by author Alex Storozynski into the foreseeable future. He rediscovered the heroic and tragic story of a great Polish and American revolutionary patriot who bravely answered the clarion call to arms for freedoms' fight on two continents.

Storozynski - polish prince

 Kosciuszko Book Generates Great Interest. Alex Storozynski (pictured above seated at right) is the author of a new book entitled "The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution." Storozynski is speaking to, and signing his book for, Zuzanna Falzmann - Washington Correspondent for Poland's POLSAT News TV.   

   Storozynski's book - The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and The Age of Revolution - unearths many previously unknown important details and historical facts that enlightens, and even delights, the reader delving into Kosciuszko's amazing life.

     General Kosciuszko (1746-1817) fought for the freedom of his Russian-subjugated Poland. Earlier he played a crucial and pivotal role in America's Revolutionary War against England.  Always a proponent of the oppressed, he championed the rights of peasants, Jews, women, and most notably those of African Slaves and American Indians here in America. His friend and kolega, Thomas Jefferson, called Kosciuszko ‘the purest son of liberty I have ever known.'

     At the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, here on May 13, 2009, Counselor Mariusz Brymora hosted Alex Storozynski and his book that has generated so much interest - and which has received very favorable reviews. Storozynski held the large audience spellbound as he delivered his expansive lecture on Kosciuszko, that mirrored the book, and which was well illustrated with informative slides. An extensive Q&A session followed during which much insightful, and often entertaining, dialog ensued.


     Poland's news media - TV, radio and print, attended the Embassy in force and interviewed Storozynski at length. C-Span Book TV filmed the lecture for broadcast here in America.

     Alex Storozynski, age 47, born to émigré parents in the Polish enclave of Greenpoint in NewYork City's borough of Brooklyn, is something of a renaissance man: He is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a former member of the New York Daily News editorial board, founding editor of amNew York, and former city editor of the New York Sun. Alex has also been regularly published in many other newspapers both here and abroad.

     Storozynski has earned commanding academic degrees and is bestowed with many professional awards. As a banker, he served as chairman and vice-chairman of the very successful Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union, which has more than $1 billion in assets. In 2006, Polish President Kaczynski awarded him the "Gold Cross of Service" for his insightful articles about Poland.

     In what seems to be a bit of fateful harmonic convergence...Storozynski is presently serving as the newly elected president of the preeminent Kosciuszko Foundation in New York City.

Below is a link to the book:

The Peasant Prince: and the Age of Revolution,  by Alex Storozynski 


Text and Photographs by Richard P. Poremski,
The article was published originally in
Polish-AmericanJournal, June 9, 2009

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