Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Soups and Salads

Herring Salad with Beans

My favorite dish for Lent is herring salad (well, I eat it throughout the year actually but during the Lent it's a must). Normally it's my Mom who makes it but now I emailed her for a recipe and I'm going to make some salad myself. And I'll share the recipe with you. Here it goes, for a small portion:


1/2 kg salted herrings
1 kg potatoes
1 can of red or white beans
1 onion
1 sour apple
2-3 pickled cucumbers (pickled in brine if you can get them - or pickle them yourself; otherwise use cucumbers pickled in vinegar)
2 hard-boiled eggs


Put the herrings in water for some time or - if they're not very salty - just wash them. Boil the potatoes and then peel them. Cut everything in little cubes and mix. Season with olive, vinegar, pepper, garlic if you want. I would also add some mayonnaise but it won't be a traditional fasting version anymore.


Ryemeal Soup (Zur)

Żur (read "jour" like in French "Bon Jour" means "Good Day") is definitively one of the most common Polish soups. It is also quite original and known only in Eastern Europe. People who do not have Eastern European background probably never tasted this delicious soup.

Żur (ryemeal soup) is available in many variations and is eaten on many occasions. According to Polish cookbook there is a Meat Zur, Farmers Zur , Old Polish Zur , Lenten Zur , Lenten Aromatic Zur , White Borscht, which is also a type of zur. Many more types of zur are available. This soup is almost obligatory part of Lenten season in Poland.

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Red Beets in Polish Cuisine: Red Beets' Salads

In one of a popular American TV channel they were talking about research done on red beets. The question was - why people do not eat red beets. Somebody commented that the research was just a pure nonsense because red beets are just tasteless. I could not disagree more!

Red beets are very popular in Polish cuisine. They are used for variety of dishes. A very popular is red beet soup called Borscht. It is popular not only in Poland but also in Ukraine and in Russia. There are also different types of borscht. Some are clear and some are dense like vegetable soups because they use the pieces of beetroot or the red beets' stem and leaves. Red beets are good for salads and as a spicy side dish for meat.

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Horseradish Soup Recipe

horseradish soup - readyEaster is one of the biggest religious feasts during a year. There is a variety of horseradishEaster dishes depending on a region of Poland. All Easter meals contain lots of eggs, ham, vegetable or potato salad and horseradish sauce. For dessert there is babka wielkanocna and mazurek (sweet cake). My mother's family come from Silesia (Southwestern part of Poland). In Silesia the main dish is horseradish soup. I recommend you to try the recipe below:

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