Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Main Dishes

Bigos (Hunter's Stew)

Hunter's stew has been a Polish favorite for centuries, and most purists believe it should cook about that long to taste right, Baruch notes in his book. "I say, 'No way.' I developed this recipe years ago and have demonstrated it for Elk and Moose lodges around the Midwest without a complaint yet. Get rid of your black caldron and make some bigos today!"

If you like stew on the sweeter side, Baruch suggests adding some pitted dried prunes, diced green apples, and a dash of sugar to the simmering pot.

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Tavern Pan Sinkers: A Delicious and Easy Alternative to Kopytka

Here's a recipe from Michael J. Baruch's cookbook, The New Polish Cuisine. Michael says: I love Mom and Pop taverns, you know, the ones that are full of tchotchkes, and that serve (help-yourself) lunch at the end of the bar. Years back, I helped a few ailing local joints boost their lunch sales by creating Tavern Sinkers, a great alternative to the laborious Kopytka. Potatoes, bread, and seasoning are combined, quickly poached, then sauteed in melted butter and covered with savory topping to produce a real working man's gut sinker. Trust me, cops and yuppies love them!

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Lazy Man's Cheese and Potato Pierogi Recipe

Here's a recipe for pierogi from Michael J. Baruch book, The New Polish Cuisine. According to the author this dish is good especially for those who like pierogi but have limited time or just can't stand working pierogi dough. This recipe combines cheese, potatoes and savory seasonings to produce an easy but tasty alternative to the more labor-intensive pierogi.

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Cabbage Rolls or Goloubki

This is one of my most favorite Polish dishes. I recommend you to prepare it during cold season or when you expect visitors, because it feeds many people. The dish is simple, just few ingredients are needed, cheap and easy to find in any grocery in America or Europe. The preparation is time-consuming, like in case of many Polish dishes.

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Dumplings with Plums (Knedle)

Polish: Knedle ze sliwkami

Excellent, especially for late summer and fall when there are plenty of plums on the market

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