Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Main Dishes

Herring Polish Way with Potatoes for Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday

Below is a recipe for a typical Polish dish for Ash Wednesday in Polish called also Popielec (from "popiół" = "ash").

Herring with Potatoes (not peeled)

In Poland people usually prepare herring ahead of time. They just buy a fresh herring and they marinate them with onion and vinegar or vegetable oil, see below:

Herring in Polish way

  • buy fresh herring or a herring in a jar (lunch herring, wine herring etc)
  • clean it with the water so that it will lose any of the flavors it has
  • lice fresh onion
  • arrange herring in a clean jar or on a deep plate in the following way - a layer of herring covered with a layer of sliced onion rings or pieces, make at least 4-5 layers
  • pour a vegetable oil on it and let it stand in the cool place for some time so that the oil and onion will soak through the layers of fish

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Gravy for Dumplings

Different dumplings match with a different kind of gravy. Russian or meat dumplings should be served with sliced onion fried until light brown on a pan with hot butter of margarine. You can also add some sliced mushrooms to the pan with onions and margarine. These dumplings are also delicious when served with Spaghetti sauces (for instance Hunt's).

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Dumplings (Pierogi)

Dumplings are very popular not only in Poland but also in Russia, Ukraine etc. Actually different types of dumplings are known in very different cultures like China or Italy. Polish name for dumplings is pierogi, this name originates probably from the Old Church Slavonic word piru meaning a feast.

The ingredients used for dumplings are simple and cheap, the filling can vary but the preparation is time-consuming. Mushroom and cabbage dumplings are used as one of the main dishes for the Christmas Eve supper.

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