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Cranberry-Lemon Kisiel - Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner

Kisiel is a popular dessert in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. It consists of thickened fruit juice sweetened with sugar. It is thickened usually by starch.

In Poland one can buy powdered kisiel in the small bag. You only need to add a water and cook it before serving. But it is possible to prepare it since scratch quite easily. This can be a delicious addition to the Thanksgiving dinner. It can be served cold or warm.

Below is the example of the Cranberry-Lemon kisiel, but one can replace cranberry with any other soft fruit. Cranberry in Poland is known under the name "zurawina".

In spite of the fact that the English name "cranberry" sounds so much different than Polish "zurawina" its origin is the same. It comes from the shape of its flowers which remind crane neck. Crane in Polish is called "zuraw".

cranberry kisiel

This is how a delicious cranberry kisiel looks like

Cranberry in Poland and in Europe in generally is much less popular than in the US. Maybe part of the reasons - we do not have a Thanksgiving in Poland and we do not eat turkey with cranberry sauce. Indians taught white settlers in America how to plant cranberry. Cranberry is very healthy since it has lots of vitamins, especially C,B and A.

This recipe can be a delicious addition to the Thanksgiving dinner, since it adds Polish tradition (kisiel) to the Thanskgiving!

 Cranberry-Lemon Kisiel

1/2 lb cranberries
1 liter (quart) of water
sugar to taste
2 tablespoons potato or corn flour

Optional ingredients

1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
whipping cream
chocolate chunks


1.Rinse cranberries and put to boil in ¾ liter of water.
2 Cook until all the berries burst

3. Strain and force through a sieve (see the photo to the right). Retain the liquid and pulp; discard the skins.
4 Reheat the juice while mixing in the sugar to taste.

zurawina kisiel

5.Prepare a solution of starch in ¼ l of cold water.
6 Slowly stir starch solution into the juice until thickened. It should have a consistency of thick syrup.

7. Add a half of the teaspoon of the lemon juice (optional). Check the taste, if it is too sour, add some sugar.
6 Pour the hot kissel into a serving dish or small cups. You can also sprinkle the top with sugar to avoid forming a skin on top.
7 Cover and cool.
8 Add whipping cream, nuts, chocolate chunks (optional).


Hope you would like it! If you have any other delicious dessert or food recipe to share visit us in the forum.

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