Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Desserts and Drinks

Apple Pancakes

Apple pancakes (placki z jablkami) are very easy to prepare. They are great for Sunday breakfast or for a fast lunch, especially during winter or cold season. Should be eaten fresh just after preparation.

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Recipes for Kolacky or Kolachky

Babcia's Barbara Recipe - from Poland

Babcia wrote: Here is a recipe for Kolaczki that both my Mother and I use. Hope you like it!!

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Paczki Recipe

You will find here the recipe for the most delicious Paczki. But one have to remember, the best pounchki are from a bakery. It is hard to obtain such dough quality (very soft) by doing it at home. The most famous are pounchki with the filling from rose marmalade. The marmalade is done from the crushed pellets or buds of roses with sugar. Only certain types of roses are suitable for it.

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Chrust, Chrusciki, or Faworki

This is a delicious fried pastry strips for Fat Tuesday or Thursday, Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion or simply for winter appetizer.


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Paczki Day: Delicious Food for Fat Thursday and Tuesday

Paczki's (Pounchki) Day; Delicious Food for Fat Thursday &Tuesday

Poles celebrate the time of a carnival with balls and dances. The culmination of a carnival is a last week before Ash Wednesday. Poles do not organize street parades like people in Brazil or in New Orleans. I guess it is just too cold in winter. But they eat pounchki ( pounczki ). The other sweet food for the last days of carnival include Angel Wings, Chrusciki (Chruschiki) and Poppy seed rolls ( Makowiec ).

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