Friday, April 28, 2017
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Desserts and Drinks

Cranberry-Lemon Kisiel - Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner

Kisiel is a popular dessert in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. It consists of thickened fruit juice sweetened with sugar. It is thickened usually by starch.

In Poland one can buy powdered kisiel in the small bag. You only need to add a water and cook it before serving. But it is possible to prepare it since scratch quite easily. This can be a delicious addition to the Thanksgiving dinner. It can be served cold or warm.

Below is the example of the Cranberry-Lemon kisiel, but one can replace cranberry with any other soft fruit. Cranberry in Poland is known under the name "zurawina".

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Polish Pancakes with Cheese

I love Polish pancakes. They are easy to prepare and are delicious to eat, especially during cold seasons. Since Polish pancakes (nalesniki) are sweet, they are recommended usually for breakfast, but they can be served in any time during the day just as a simple hot dish.

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Traditional Pre-Lenten Pączki (Pounchki, punchki)

Pounchki from Hanka Sawka cookbookDonuts are a traditional food the week before Lent or the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. For many Polish families pączki are a treat for Sundays, holidays and other special occasions.

Update - see this wonderful video that explains how to prepare paczki at home:

They have long been a favorite at our house, but none have ever come up to the hundreds made by my grandmother Stella Grochowska during my childhood and early years of marriage. I remember helping her break the many dozens of eggs she used. I wanted to "get into the dough," but she never allowed me to try my hand at the kneading.

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Chef Mike’s Pashka (Pascha) Recipe

Paskha is most definitely a holiday dessert of Eastern European, mainly Russian and Ukranian origin. The recipe became obscure because some people cook it, some don't, and it is best made with dry farmer's cheese that is not too wet. I developed recipes years ago for the Chicago branch of the Russian Tea Room and this is the recipe we used. Many nationalities have their version of this dish and use a specially designed mold to reflect their culture.

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Jablka Season is Here

Jablka (apples), are the fruit of the autumn and one of our favorites to eat from the hand or make into delicious pies, cakes, dumplings, or tarts. Ted's favorite is the buttery apple pie that I make so often during the season. We also loved the delicious ways apples were served to us in Poland ... from compotes to cakes!

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