Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Food and Recipes

Lazy Man's Cheese and Potato Pierogi Recipe

Here's a recipe for pierogi from Michael J. Baruch book, The New Polish Cuisine. According to the author this dish is good especially for those who like pierogi but have limited time or just can't stand working pierogi dough. This recipe combines cheese, potatoes and savory seasonings to produce an easy but tasty alternative to the more labor-intensive pierogi.

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Old Polish Cuisine: History of Food in Poland

What did our ancestors eat? What do we know about history of the Polish food? These are the questions which many Polish people or people of Polish origin would like to answer. There is a whole branch of Polish cuisine called old-Polish cuisine kuchnia staropolska which deals mainly with the forgotten food products and dishes.

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Eat Smart in Poland: Excellent Practical Guide of Polish Cuisine

Eat Smart in Poland is an unusual book not only about food but about how food was entangled with Polish history, culture and tradition. The authors, Joan and David Peterson, stress that one cannot learn Polish dishes without knowing Poland. It is much more than just a cookbook, it is not only about the taste of the Polish food but also about taste and flavor of Poland.

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Fall Approaches

Where has the summer gone? It seems like we were just picking strawberries and now it is almost fall. One of the first signs, or rather smells, that makes me think of fall is of apples in a nearby orchard. Ted and I often ride our bikes in the morning or evening on a nearby back road where there is an orchard with peaches, pears, and apples. When we start to notice the juicy, fruity aroma of apples, we know that summer is on the wane. Just the other day I noticed this for the first time. Soon it will be time to go over to Nichols orchard and pick apples for cakes, pies, and sauce, and to have in a basket on the porch for all to enjoy. We have done this for over 30 years!

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Apple Pancakes

Apple pancakes (placki z jablkami) are very easy to prepare. They are great for Sunday breakfast or for a fast lunch, especially during winter or cold season. Should be eaten fresh just after preparation.

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