Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Polish Diaspora

Centers of Polish Immigration in the World: USA and Germany


According to the census 2000, American states with the largest numbers of Poles and Americans of Polish ancestry are New York (958,893), Illinois (946,241), Michigan (900,335), Pennsylvania (855,526), New Jersey (591,347), California (496,588), Wisconsin (481,779), Florida (430,138), Ohio (404,557), Massachusetts (349,998), Connecticut (278,010), Texas (234,861), Minnesota (222,997), Maryland (186,312), Indiana (164,587), Arizona (140,541), Virginia (112,658), Missouri (104,460) and Colorado (97,420). The city with the highest amount of Poles is Chicago - 1.8 millions. Chicago is the second largest "Polish" city in the world. Warsaw, Polish capital is the only city with more Polish residents. New York is on the second place with about 600,000 Polish American in metropolitan area and Detroit is the third with about a half of million. Click to the name of the town to access a link with more information about Polish immigrants.

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Polish Diaspora (Polonia) Worldwide

We have already series of articles about history and geographical distribution of Polish immigration (Polonia) in the USA. I apologize to all people of Polish origin who live outside the USA that until now I did not post any review of Polish immigration in other countries. I know that among our readers we have people of Polish origin from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and probably much more other countries.

Let me start with a short introduction to Polish immigration around the world. We can divide Polonia abroad into two different groups - these who left Poland more or less voluntarily: sometimes because of the hopeless economical situation, sometimes because of the political persecution. Our immigration to Americas, Western Europe and Australia is of this kind.

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