Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Polonia in the USA

Homage to Karol Szymanowski

WASHINGTON DC: 125th Birthday Celebration. Polish composer Karol Szymanowski could not have asked for a better present for his landmark birthday than the chamber concert of his music here on October 6, 2007 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Cultural Counselor Mariusz Brymora hosted the event, under the cordial auspices of Ambassador Janusz Reiter.

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Polish Soldier's Day Celebrated in Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - The day was overcast and gloomy, portending rain - which it eventually did. But the threatening weather could not stop the battle-hardened and much-bemedaled Polish soldiers of WW II - and other veterans- from formally assembling here on August 19, 2007, at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, for the yearly observance of Polish Soldier's Day. The veteran's mission now is to honor the men and women of Poland's armed forces while simultaneously demonstrating solidarity with them, and to pay homage to their fallen and deceased comrades-in-arms.

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Trailing of The Sheep Festival in Central Idaho with Polish Highlanders

Welcome to the Sheep Festival oin Central Idaho!

Come in the middle of October to Central Idaho. There is a beautiful sheep festival every year in two beautful towns, Ketchum and Hailey, located in the mountains of Central Idaho. Below are the photographs from the last festival in October 2006. Three different ethnic groups are included in this photographs: Polish highlanders who live now in Chicago, state Alberta and Vancouver, the descendants of Basques from Boise region and also the group of shepherds from Peru. Here is the link to the official website of the festival: Trailing of the Sheep if you would like to check the details. The festival started in 1997. Since this time it is celebrated every year in October. The sheep parade is down Main Street Ketchum. We start with the photographs that show Polish mountaineers.

See Trailing of The Sheep Festival in Central Idaho - Basques and the Shepherds from Peru and Polish Highlanders in their Folk Costumes - 2007.

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Victims of Communism: Memorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. The more than 100 million people globally who perished at the brutal and bloody hands of their forcefully imposed communist governments can rest in peace easier now by knowing that they have not been entirely forgotten. Until now, their glaring omission from mankind's collective memory had not been formally addressed, resulting in an obvious moral blind spot upon humanity. No longer will they be just a sometimes quoted mind-boggling statistic at academic seminars, or merely just another extremely sad footnote in history tomes.

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Polish Activities in Idaho

Who would imagine that here in southeastern Idaho a small group of Poles and their American friends would encourage local residents to learn about Polish culture and Polish food? The first half of 2007 was filled with different activities related to Poland.

Idaho, with the size of 2/3 of Poland has only about two million residents compared to 40 million people living in Poland. Idaho Falls, where I live, a town of 54 thousand residents, is located in southeastern Idaho, not far from the border with Wyoming in a semi-arid high altitude region.

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