Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Polonia in the USA

Embassy Evening With U.S. Senator Hagel

     WASHINGTON, D.C.  The full title of the well received, hard hitting and common sense book is "America - Our Next Chapter...Tough Questions, Straight Answers," authored by U.S. Senator Charles "Chuck" Hagel (Republican - Nebraska). To its great credit, the totally non-partisan book deals intellectually with the many domestic and global challenges that America must face in the 21st century, with an optimistic eye on our nation's future.

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Basilica Prayer Garden Honors Pope J.P. II

     BALTIMORE, Md.  May that the new corner garden "Reflect the love of God that was so evident on that October day in 1995" intoned Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien during its dedication here on October 28, 2008.

     The new prayer garden is centrally located downtown at the intersection of Charles and Franklin streets, adjacent to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This magnificent church is also know as The Baltimore Basilica - America's First Cathedral, having been dedicated in 1821 after 15 years of construction.

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Brigadier General Count Kazimierz Pulaski: A Hero of Two Nations

Washington, D.C. - Hero Both To Poland And America Presented.

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland, here on October 25, 2007, was the proud presenter of the new Polish (with English subtitles) film fully documenting the heroic life and revolutionary times of Count Kazimierz Pulaski. Cultural Counselor Mariuz Brymora was coordinator and host for the prestigious event, assisted by Zanetta Miluk.

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American Czestochowa in Doylestown

Polish Americans decided to build the magnificent Shrine in honor of Our Lady of Czestochova before the anniversary of a Millenium (Thousand anniversary) of Christianity of Poland. A baptist of Mieszko the 1st, Polish prince, is considered as the beginning of an independent Polish state. This event took place in 966 ad. As you probably know the image of Black Madonna of Czestochova is considered miraculous.

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Black Madonna from Czestochowa and Doylestown

Black Madonna from Czestochowa

jasnagoraMadonna of Czestochowa icon is the most famous miraculous religious painting in Poland. It was probably created in VI century. It is an icon done under the influence of the Eastern, Byzantine culture. According to the legend it was painted by St. Luke. the Evangelist on a cypress table. The documents from Jasna Gora indicate that the picture traveled from Jerusalem, via Constantinople and was bestowed to the Princess of Ruthenia. "Jasna Gora" means "Bright Hill". It is the common name of the hill where the Pauline Monastery is located. The icon was brought to Poland in 1382 through the efforts of Ladislaus of Opole who discovered it in a castle at Belz. For its protection he invited the Monks of Saint Paul, the first Hermit, from Hungary to come to Poland, to guard it. The original monastery was wooden, the construction of the current day basilica and defense wall (see the photo to the left) was built in the first half of XVII century.

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