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Emigration and Genealogy

Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw

Washington, D.C.

World renown British historian and author Norman Davies was feted here at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland on October 19, 2004. He debuted his latest of a series of acclaimed historical books dedicated to Poland- "Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw". Ambassador Przemyslaw Grudzinski welcomed the guests, and extensive, related introductory remarks were delivered by widely-recognized CNN Correspondent David Ensor. Mr. Ensor recently produced the laudable CNN documentary "Warsaw Rising" on the occasion of it's 60th Anniversary this past August.

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Wieslaw Ochman in Concert

Washington, D.C. - A filled-to-capacity audience was most privileged to hear internationally renown Polish tenor Wieslaw Ochman, and his guest artists, excel in a concert here at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland on March 8, 2006. The Polish Library in Washington and Embassy co-sponsored the event, hosted by Counselor Mariusz Brymora, Head of Culture & Public Affairs. Son Maciej Ochman and his wife Dorota were the concert's prime and tireless generators.

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Irena Jarocka Sings for ABCXXI

March 15, 2006 WASHINGTON, D.C. - A special concert was given here at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland on February 11, 2006 for "the benefit of the ABCXXI Child Awareness Program for Poland". The program was opened by Professor Andrzej Rabczenko, Minister Counselor, with welcoming remarks by President Susan Wilhere of the ABCXXI Committee (USA).

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Wroclaw and Breslau - in Memories of Eva Stachniak, the Author of "Necessary Lies"

I was born in Wroclaw, a city in the south west of Poland. But if you were to look at the pre-war map of Poland, you would not find Wrocław on it. In its place you would've found Breslau, part of the German Reich. In 1945, history tells us, Poland lost its Eastern provinces to the Soviet Union, and received the Western lands in their stead.

When I was growing up in Wrocław, the ruins of Breslau were still around me, the silent background to the hushed, bitter stories of the last world war. I have an old photograph of myself from 1957, a tiny figurine with a halo of curly hair. I am holding my mother's hand and behind me are the ruins I remember so well. Huge piles of rubble spilling into the street, clusters of red bricks still glued together with mortar, a sea of ruins, surrounding small islands of surviving buildings. I ran with other children through these ruins, wielding stick guns, yelling at the top of my voice. How many German words I knew then, already! Raus, Haende hoch (meaning: Get out, hands up) or Polnische Schweine (Polish pigs).

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Polish Armed Forces Day Celebrated

The Armed Forces Day is celebrated in Poland on August 15 on the anniversary of so called Vistula Miracle - when Polish forces defended Warsaw and Polish independence against Soviets in 1920. This day was celebrated as Polish soldier day since 1923. After World War II the Polish Soldier's day was moved to October 12 (anniversray of Lenino Battle) from obvious reasons. The Armed Forces Day was re-established in 1992. This day - August 15 is also devoted to Saint Mary.

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