Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Polish Tombs and Graves: Overview of Styles

Although death makes us all democratically equal, Polish burial sites may differ in looks and value a lot. The difference depends mainly on finance. The bigger and more ostentatious the grave or tomb, the more affluent the family is. The sites range from simple earth graves for 100$ to giant double tombs for 5000$. The chosen material matters a lot.

The typical materials for the graves are sandstone, marble or granite, the cheaper graves are made of wood. The quality, color and type of the chosen material depends also on the availability of the material in certain geographical region and also on the fashion and style in the time when the grave was built. The earth and semi-earth graves (which has a rock material as a grave frame) allow to plant flowers and plants on the top of the grave. So, only families or widows who live in the neighborhood can affort to take care of the earth or semi-earth grave. Below are photographs of a variety of graves found in Polish cemeteries.

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