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All Saints' Day Celebration in Poland: Polish Cemeteries

We present here the newest photographs from the celebrations of the All Saint's Day in Poland (November 1st, 2007). All the graves are decorated with flowers, especially fresh autumn flowers - like chrysantemum (read more about Polish Flowers - Funerals, All Saints Day, Christmas and other Occasions - Birthdays, Women Day ).

Cemeteries in Poland are really ... full of life! They are visited by family members of these whose graves are there and by visitors on the daily/weekly basis. But nothing compares to how the cemeteries look on November 1st during the day and by night.

In front of the cemeteries street vendors sell flowers - in pots, cut flowers or beautiful flower wreaths and the candlelights and candle lanterns etc.

Different regions of Poland have different traditions. For instance in Krakow is a custom to buy the special type of sweets in stalls which are located next to the cemeteries at All Saints' Day.

See some of the candies bought next to the cemeteries. One of the most popular is Turkish little honey, yellow tough substance with peanuts inside. You must have strong teeth to bite it... This old habit reminds me a bit about the old traditions of the All Souls' day.

See a typical grave decorated for November 1st holiday (left photo below). All graves are decorated on November 1st, even these which are forgotten by family members or whose direct family members are gone already. Children attend the cemeteries with their parents and family. On the photograph below children help with lighting the lanterns.

The glow from the cemeteries at night, especially during November 1st and November 2nd (All Souls' Day) is amazing. One can see it even on the cars' parking lot. The street vendors are persistent guys, they sell their lanterns till the night. Customers don`t mind, since they come day and night there.

All except one photographs and a much of the text were done during All Saints' Day in Krakow 2007 by Pawian, one with white and yellow chrysantemum was done by Ian in Warsaw.


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