Monday, May 22, 2017
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Pisanki Display - Polish Heritage Day in Washington DC

The day-long exhibit was exhausting but very rewarding - meeting so many people interested in Polish culture. Our apprentice Alysa and her grandma Martha were there with us the entire time. Alysa brought her eggs and worked on them all afternoon - explaining the skrobanie process to all whowere interested.

We got to meet an older Polish pisanki artist, Anna Schneider, who came from Arlington with her family. She actually brought a small box with 4 beautiful traditional-style eggs she made which were the deep brown onion-skin dye with scratched-out design. I was so pleased and excited that she brought them. For the short time she stayed at the show, I placed her eggs in the showcase with mine. I made a point of telling Alysa - this is the REAL thing! It's the first time I've met someone who did this technique - aside from Mr. Jerzy Lipka who taught me in Poland back in the ‘70s. She had her family take pictures of her and me with our eggs in the case. I gave her a couple pisanki notecards of mine, and she said she was going to use them to write and send the photos to her sisters in Poland. This is what the "Traditions" thing is all about, and I was so happy Alysa played a big part in it. I'd like to schedule a visit to this lady with Alysa, so we could share a pisanki making session.

I had a few pisanki for sale, but no sales on them. That's ok - I gave them as Christmas presents. I was allowed to sell my cards and prints, and we did extremely well with that. Connie Donnelly did a fantastic job with lots of displays and several craft activities for the children - making tissue flowers, clothes pin Polish dolls, and her own young daughter teaching pisanki (wax/dye). In the rotunda section, they had continuous entertainment. Alina Plecha sang an entire program of Chopin inspired songs. Krakowiaki children dancers performed, Adam Mazurek told stories and he displayed our 5 festival panels. So, we had a very good representation from Baltimore Polonia.

Carla Tomaszewski, Graphic Designer
BAE Systems

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