Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Civic Celebrations

Mother's Day in Poland, May 26

Mother's Day (Dzien Matki) in Poland is celebrated on the 26th of May. My mother never liked this day because she remembered it first from the time of the war. Germans occupants enforced its celebration in Silesia - as a Muttertag, where my mother grew up. But the first celebration of Mother's Day in Poland took place in 1923 in Krakow, but this feast was not really very popular until the WW II and the years after the war.

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Women's Day in Poland

I belong to the generation born in 60-es, so for me International Women's Day, in Polish: Miedzynarodowy Dzien Kobiet, was celebrated as long as I remember. I always thought that women have their day everywhere around the world - at least once a year, just on the 8th of March! Later, I realized that this was not a case and in many countries this day is not observed. Either women there have their feast the whole year or no any day at all! Rather this second is true!

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International Women's Day: A History

International Women's Day which is celebrated on March 8th, was a big feast as far as I remember in Poland and in all other Eastern European countries as well as in Russia. It is also known in other countries around the world (Canada, USA, Israel and Western Europe) but it is not celebrated in the same way as in Eastern Europe were women are given flowers and other gifts.

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Polish Flowers - All Saints Day, Christmas, Funerals and other Occasions

Fall flowers, especially yellow and white chrysantemum are a typical flower used for decoration of graves during All Saints Day celebrations in the beginning of November. Chrysantemum is my personal favorite, some yellow chrysantemum are just gorgeous!. Unfortunately - it is almost specifically used for All Saints celebration and for funerals. Because of that these flowers are completely inappropriate for any other occasions like birthdays or weddings. Also other fall flowers like asters are used for All Saints celebration, but not exclusively.

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Flowers for Weddings and First Communion

As I already mentioned in several previous articles how important are flowers especially for dating , weddings and the all Saints Day. Flowers are very popular and used for many occasions in Poland. It is impolite to be invited to somebody's house and do not bring a bouquet of flowers, especially in summer when flowers are really cheap.

Flowers are usually bought in uneven numbers. Typical bouquets do not have more than 3-5 flowers, sometimes just one - but they are just wonderfully decorated with eucalyptus, evergreen or another kind of decorative "grass".

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