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Customs and Religion

Midsummer in Poland

Midsummer At the end of June, at the time of Summer Solstice, when night is shortest and Nature bursts with blossoms and growth, we celebrate the Holiday of Fire and Water, also called Noc Kupaly, Sobótka or Kres.

The name Kupala is an ancient notion which derives most probably from either:
1. taking a puryfing bath at that time,
2. crowds of people coming and feasting together,
3. the green high pole, similar in its symbolic meaning to Maypole.

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Feast of Corpus Christi in Krakow

The Corpus Christi celebration, called Boze Cialo in Polish, is a very big feast in Poland and it always was, at least since I can remember. It always takes place on one of the Thursdays (depending on the date of Easter) in June.

This was one of few religious days that was also observed by the communist state, because it was also a day off from work. The Communist government wanted to ignore it as much as possible ... the best American movies were played on TV during the processions. Still, the majority of people preferred going to the outdoor processions rather than staying home to watch movies.

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All Saints' Day in Katowice (Silesia) Poland

Here are just a couple of photographs from the celebrations of the All Saints Day both - during the day and at night. This is a typical cemetery in a typical environment, so that people who are not familiar with All Saints' celebration could see how Poles celebrate this unique day.

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International Children's Day - June 1st

When I was a child I really liked this feast, since this was my feast! I always thought that the International Children's Day, in Polish: Miedzynarodowy Dzien Dziecka which we celebrated in Poland - is really international. Later I realized that this feast is almost unknown outside of the communistic block, in spite of the fact that it did not become really politicized (in spite of the initial efforts). I also thought that this day was introduced by the United Nations - since it was always called "international" - but in reality the United Nations proclaimed not the June but the November 20th as the Universal Children's Day - by the resolution of the national assembly in 1954. November 20th - is devoted to promoting the welfare of the children of the world.

The stamps below are from 1951 when the communistic government was trying to policize the International Children's Day


The text on the sign with the pictures of communists in the center:
Youth! Together we will strengthen the peace

The text's translation:
Pioneer love the Peoples' Poland

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The Palm Sunday Tradition in Poland

Palm Sunday niedziela palmowa is called also "The Sunday of the Lord's Passion niedziela meki Panskiej", "Willow Sunday" (niedziela wierzbowa), "Branch Sunday" (niedziela rozdzkowa) or "April Sunday" (niedziela kwietna) since it takes place usually in April. Read more about the unusual celebrations of this day in Poland in the article Palm Sunday Traditions in Poland - Easter Palms from Pussy Willows and other Customs . Below is a set of beautiful pictures done by our Polish correspondent from the celebration of Palm Sunday in 2007 in Krakow.

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