Thursday, April 27, 2017
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The Bloody Queen of Slovakia

This is a very disturbing but real story. I heard about this historical fact from a guide during a trip from Krakow to Vienna. On the way between Krakow and Vienna, many beautiful castles were built in order to protect the area from the foreign invasion (build after Tartars attack).

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Skarbnik - Miner's Guardian

Poland is a country of mines. Salt, coal, copper, iron ores were excavated here for centuries. It is also a country of miners. Mining is a very dangerous profession. Miners were usually very religious people, they believed that the protection of saints could help them to survive the accidents. There are many underground chapels built for miners' saints (St. Kinga was a guardian saint of salt miners and St. Barbara was a guardian saint of coal miners). Miners believed that saints would protect them from accidents and deaths.

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